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For over a decade Impact Images has specialized in servicing the home bedding/curtain industry with dramatic lifestyle set photography. Our images have been helping manufactures enhance their products in the on demand retail marketplace today. Unfortunately, the on demand retail marketplace invariably affects; the image aesthetics, the approval process, and sensitive manufacture/retail relationships.

Having an additional studio resource that is conscious of these details is critical when creating the right image to represent your product. As an additional studio resource:

  • We can provide your product lines with added style diversity for an additional look and tone; Necessary to refresh and individualize the variations in a products unique design.
  • You can better secure and backup project planning and deadlines, as well as handling the unexpected projects that interrupt tight production schedules.
  • Our knowledge and unique tools help keep projects affordable.

Impact Images provides its comprehensive knowledge of the Home Fashion Industry, with its unique style and online tools to help harmonize the ‘on demand’ with ‘aesthetics’. Impact Images Project Central™, our online desktop app, keeps you in touch with stage by stage alerts verifying the progress of your project. It also features a direct image markup for clients to point out precise image revisions for an efficient approval process. Also included is the Impact Images Prop Shop™, our extensive prop catalog featuring 1000's of props! Filter our props with easy to use terms ranging from specific words like ‘lamp’ to general words like ‘dark’.

Recent News

Spirits & Wines Label Design Gallery Unveiled

February 4, 2014

Impact Images Production Studios is proud to unveil its Spirits & Wines Label Design Gallery. Featuring award winning designs for the emerging C&C Distributors of Fine Wines & Spirits, these bottles are sure to catch the viewers eye. Our feature designs are of C&C’s line of Coney Island Carlo Spirits. The goal of the design [...Read More]

Behind the Scenes Footage for Ian Behrman Shoot

February 3, 2014

Impact Images – Behind the Scenes: Ian Behrman Photoshoot from Impact Images on Vimeo. Impact Images Production Studios unveils its behind the scenes footage of our exclusive photo shoot for Ian Behrman (ig: @IanBehrman) that we hosted in late January. Modeled by the astounding ‎Kristina Carugan (tw: @kissforKristina), Ian Behrman’s shoes just sparkled with her [...Read More]

Architectural Photography Online Gallery Unveiled

January 27, 2014

Impact Images Production Studios is proud to unveil its gallery of Architectural Photography. Bringing the viewer unique pieces ranging from commercial to residential; urban to suburban; skyscraper to home; courtyard to living room; and a blend of old school and new school photography, this gallery is sure to delight them. I took off my shoes and [...Read More]